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As it is sometimes not possible to have rosemary, thyme, basil or other fresh herbs in your kitchen, we offer them in dehydrated form, so that they last longer and are always available in your pantry, to give that special touch to your dishes.

We would like to highlight our "blend of aromatic herbs" which is a combination of the most common herbs, a recipe similar to the Provencal herbs recipe, which forms an ideal seasoning for any type of meat. 

Ground rosemary Ground rosemary  1,20€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 78 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Ground Thyme Ground Thyme  1,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 79 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Marjoram Leaves Marjoram Leaves  1,60€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 74 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Oregano Oregano  2,00€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 42 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Pebrella Pebrella  6,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 46 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Peppermint leaves Peppermint leaves  1,80€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 76 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Tarragon Leaves Tarragon Leaves  4,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 89 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Thyme Leaves Thyme Leaves  1,60€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 41 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
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About us

We are the traditional spice trade Antonio Catalán , located in the prestigious Central Market of Valencia . Here you will find a wide assortment of spices, herbs for cooking, medicinal herbs, sauces, teas and dehydrated vegetables.