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This is the website of  Spices Antonio Catalán located in the prestigious Central Market of Valencia. We are a traditional trade of spices, herbs for cooking and medicinal use. We have been advising our customers for three generations, the ideal seasoning for their dishes.

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Bottle of 5 grs of Saffron Bottle of 5 grs of Saffron  18,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 20 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Cardamom pods Cardamom pods  5,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 48 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Seasoning for Chicken and Meat Seasoning for Chicken and Meat  1,80€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 41 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Calçots sauce 290 grams Calçots sauce 290 grams  4,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 62 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Juniper berries Juniper berries  2,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 45 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
About us

We are the traditional spice trade Antonio Catalán , located in the prestigious Central Market of Valencia . Here you will find a wide assortment of spices, herbs for cooking, medicinal herbs, sauces, teas and dehydrated vegetables.