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For three generations Spices Antonio Catalan has been engaged in the spice and herb business. In the region's small villages at the beginning of last century, our grandfather, Pedro Catalan, used to sell paprika and spices, which were used in the preparation of homemade cold meats.

After the prestigious Valencian Central Market was built in 1928, he and his wife established a stall with a wooden counter, where they sold saffron, paprika, cinnamon, pepper, etc...

Spices AC | First generation


                                                             The first generation of our shop (the 1960s)


In the early 1970s, his son, Antonio Catalán, bought the neighboring market stalls in order to expand the sales area, and the premises were completely renovated in stainless steel. Several years later he married Pura Gómez, and they took over the establishment, teaching their son Toni about the world of spices over the weekends, when he would come and help with the family business.

Spices AC | Second generation

Currently, the third generation, Toni Catalan and his wife Pilar Mansergas, is managing the family business, keeping the dream of our parents and grandparents alive. Today we have several generations of customers, who continue to rely on the quality of our products, and tell us nostalgically about how their parents and grandparents used to come and buy at our stall, while they themselves have recommended our business to relatives and friends.

About us

We are the traditional spice trade Antonio Catalán , located in the prestigious Central Market of Valencia . Here you will find a wide assortment of spices, herbs for cooking, medicinal herbs, sauces, teas and dehydrated vegetables.