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On our website you will be able to buy practically any spice on the market, from the most usual, such as cinnamon, pepper or clove, to other less common ones, such as cardamom and juniper berries. They are premium quality and have recently been revamped due to the high turnover of our stock. Moreover, they can be bought in small amounts of as little as 100 grams, packed in a perfectly labelled plastic bag, or in amounts of over ½ Kg, packed in a PET jar for ease of use and optimal conservation.

Argentinian Aji Argentinian Aji  1,80€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 22 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Coriander seed Coriander seed  1,00€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 38 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Ground ginger Ground ginger  1,60€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 41 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Cumin powder Cumin powder  2,10€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 43 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Vanilla extract Vanilla extract  7,90€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 44 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Ground cinnamon Ground cinnamon  1,80€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 47 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Juniper berries Juniper berries  2,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 47 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Curry Curry  1,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 48 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Cardamom pods Cardamom pods  5,50€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 49 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Coriander powder Coriander powder  1,00€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 51 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Pure vanila powder Pure vanila powder  3,90€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 55 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
Chili powder Chili powder  1,80€ Buy Now  Cantidad: Stock disponible: 56 unidades IMAGE_BUTTON_MORE_INFO 
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About us

We are the traditional spice trade Antonio Catalán , located in the prestigious Central Market of Valencia . Here you will find a wide assortment of spices, herbs for cooking, medicinal herbs, sauces, teas and dehydrated vegetables.